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The portion or area in which fresh, antique, and primarily new ideas are introduced first in a unique manner that has never been broadcast or published in past events is referred to as the original content, but due to the vastness and diversified demand and supply of data in the form of content creation in the traffic of the internet, it eventually leads to an appraisal of the cons related to the content writing.

As per an eminent scholar, it is very popular to explain that necessity is the mother of invention, but that invention may arise from a favorable or unfavorable environment that leads to the emergence of duplicity in the field of content.

Duplicate is a very prosthetic word for one kind of malpractice. One can recognize duplicity in each and every field, so how come to the new area of content writing is aloof from such illegality?

What Is Duplicate Writing?

In a formal sense, Duplicate Content is referred to as content that is a synonym or mostly the actual content of the original one published on other websites or on the same website but on different pages.

This duplicate content is having an unfavorable impact on Google search, where the original content never gets the required feedback, and the ranking has been degraded for so long that it has lowered the morale of real breadwinners.


To understand duplicate content, examples are always the best way to reveal the real scenario.

As an example, if the content of restaurant/ is used on more than one website, it is referred to as duplicate content, but it has certain types of duplicacy, like:

Way 1 of Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is often republished word-for-word on more than one page, like:

Page 1 (specified website): The rat chased by the cat."

Page 1 (another website): The rat was chased by the cat."

Way 2: Duplicate Content: Duplicate content can also be found by slightly changing the form of the framing sentence, like:

Page 1 (specified website): The rat was chased by the cat."

Page 1 (another website): The rat ran after the predator cat."

What Causes Duplicate Content?

The reason behind duplicity in content writing are as follows:

  • DEMAND- The increase in demand in relation to content or information.

  • REAL ASSET- Nowadays data is the real acid and acids always attract offences.

  • LACK OF KNOWLEDGE- Most of the general public is not aware of such malpractice and overlooks the matter.

How do I check for duplicate content?

Duplicate content is always realized on the website, but that should be a dedicated part of website auditing. There might be multiple ways to determine the level and location of duplicacy, either in a manual manner or by the use of tools, which are given in the following bullets:

Auditing: The most desirable and profound way of checking content duplication is to permit the search engine to insert a paragraph of web page content into Google. By inserting the feature of Snippet Guide, one can view the top results of the content search in the search engine.

Now the manual work of going through similar words is being done, which results in the discovery of similarities or duplicity in the content.

WEBSITE CRAWLING TOOLS: The tools of website crawling permit one to find out the exact duplicate content or more or less near duplicacy related to the content along with metadet.

But most of the contents are not free but chargeable, as, for example, Grammarly Plagiarism Checker, which is a paid form of tool. But the free tool is The Seo Toolz

Is Google penalizing DUPLICATE CONTENT?

No, Google never charges any form of penalty for such content, but it can seriously harm the originality and ranking of the website if malicious intent is present.

It mainly depends on the way the content has been used.

  • whether it's a direct copy

  • whether wording or framing words are changed.

How can duplicate content BE FIXED?

Duplicate content can be fixed by using the following points:

  • Redirecting: The easiest way to adjust or even fix such male practices is to redirect 301 on the site of duplicate content (instead of deleting such content simultaneously). So, redirect such content back to the original.

  • Close Search: Duplicate content always enlists word-by-word duplication, even though Google also defines it as "completely matching other content or similar applications. So, if the content is a general difference in wording and is able to run properly, the solution is to use Canonical Tags like "the page belongs to the original copy and the rest can be ignored”.

  • SEO tools: This kind of tool is designed in a unique manner to spot duplicity in relation to such copycats.


In this modern world, demands and supply modes lead to various malpractices that degrade the quality and standard of any kind of product or even data. But as a human, the sense of original content creation in a new manner is a sophisticated and profound way of presenting the actual inputs. Duplicate and original content both fulfill the ultimate cause of information, but it's the choice of the user or viewer which content they should prefer in usage and which content they should discard.



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