How to find the best keyword for your website: Top 5 tricks

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The proper and appropriate rewards have a significant role to play in sound writing which is often ignored by many creators. Here we are acknowledging the importance of Keywords and searching for the best keyword that enhances the rank holding of the website.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are the actual queries that stimulate the prospective audience to type in Google search engine and to which the search engine crawlers provide the web page.

Why do we need sound keywords in content writing?

Keywords are the essence of perfection in writing but most writers keep the mode in a move to give stress only on quality content which is not correct in the true sense.

Just like a movie trailer gives a probable idea of movie demand among the viewers in that way a proper keyword decides the content authenticity as well as its value about the context.

Search engine crawlers keep on looking for such keywords which enhances the rank of content after comparing similar content from other opponents' websites as per popularity and relevancy. For instance, rank upgradation resembles qualitative and standard keywords.

Proper ranking if not approved results in lower chances of appearances in the search engine and leads to a decrease the revenue generation through the content. But we brought in a few tips to resolve such a problem.

What makes a good keyword?

A sound keyword consists of the following elements to increase the demand for the web page:

  • Specificity- The keywords should indicate a specific element or basic element of the content. Example- A bike shop in Washington DC owned by you. You specialize in on-road bikes and often higher bikes for transportation. The keyword 'bicycle' or 'bike' is not appropriate and it will be very difficult to rank. A few more details should be added to increase the keywords like:

    The type of bike- On-road bike.

    Basis- Bike shop in Washington DC.

    Service- Hires for transportation and tourists.


  •  Long tail phrases- You have noticed that keywords are sometimes misleading and it leads to better descriptions of more than one word mainly used. But grouping of words as keywords results decrease in ranking places.

  • Always use realistic search- The creators always use realistic search engines which mainly search for potential audiences. The creators should always contemplate the perspective of a customer while writing a plot of content to upgrade the engagement of the audience.

How to choose the appropriate keyword?

The selection of the keyword for content writing is the atmos stars to perform. Beforehand the following points must be considered-

  • Research Work:  the creators must research proper keywords to enhance the quantitative and quantitative aspects of context.

    To excel in choosing the proper keywords the best approach is to plan the context frame and accordingly provide subheadings of the content and generate a list with all similar keywords and use it as per need.

    You can even search those keywords in search engines to find the result of keywords that also act as the target keywords.

    To grab more thoughts and ideas visit the Google Keywords Planner.


  • Set plans and formulate a judgment: In this stage, the creator poses a big list of keywords to be used in the context. Before usage of such a keyword take the help of a Keyword position checker.

  • Using Keyword Position Checkers: Keyword Position Checker helps to cut down certain keywords that are not useful for such content and provides the resemble keywords as per the data.

  •  Features of Keyword Checker are:
    It shows the result of search traffic about a specified keyword.
    It shows the competitor's rank as per the keyword.
    it specifies the web page position as per the given keyword.
    Keyword Checker provides more new keywords that are not yet added in the context.

After taking the help of a Keyword Checker you can decide which keywords mask magic in the context and use those terms suitably in the context.

√ Provide a suitable position for the keyword- The selection of keyword is the basic task but most importantly putting them in the right place create valuable upliftment in ranking position as per SERP.

We have suggested a few key places to position the keywords in the below-mentioned points:

*Title of the Content, title tags.

* Description of placing URL.

* Subheadings of the content.

* Anchor Text

* Internal links.

The creator should use a Keyword Position Checker like Yoast, or SEMRush to check whether the keyword is distributed on an equal basis in the context or not.

  • Usage of Keyword as a Guide: While using keywords you make sure that those are suitable as per the placeholder to create the spark of the words and keep engaging the readers which prominently creates rank holding.

    In general prominent content should contain two kinds of keywords primary and secondary primary keywords should be used at least  3 to 5 times while secondary keywords for 1 to 2 times. Keywords should always act as a guide to the real content and try to keep it simple and natural as it always gives priority to the relevant information to place the content value.

  • General Tricks: The keyword success always comes up with Flupp- up in the successful road. We have tried to showcase those in the following bullets:

  • Never rely on paid-up ads: Advertisements are the stimulator of web pages but it's mostly ignored by the reader. So grabbing good ads never results in good ranking in terms of SEO.

  • Always choose niche keywords of high rank but low search:  Low searches keywords that are written high-rank act as an Optimizer to increase the value of the content so always use such kinds of keywords.

  • Always put your foot inside the reader's shoes:  The creator always the audience before writing any kind of content because usage of those keywords which act as a connector between a reader and content helps to improve the web page value.


Bill Gates once said, “Content is the king”. So if content is the ruling party then the members are of all those keywords used in such content. Therefore, the usage the of right keywords is the best and foremost way to boost the traffic of search engines and even give access to search engine crawlers to make sense of it to rank properly.




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