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Whether beginners or experienced writers all of them have encountered this term while writing appropriate content as per the demand of their proposers. But do you ever understand what the term refers to, whether it is a handy tool, a document, or even a piece of writing?

In a real sense Word counts is the element significant in writing and meeting the specific demand as per the given topic.

Word counts deviate as per the need and requirement or demand of the script. The word count of a web page or blog should always retain the specified numbers in every content to calibrate Search Engine Optimisation(SEO), it plays a a significant role in the success of the website. It again acts as a keystroke to generate traffic and revenue as well on the website.

Is there any tool provided to Word Count?

There are few ways to count the words as for the means of script. A word processor like MS Word automatically counts the number of words written or scripted in a particular topic but yes, numerous tools consider Word Counts. These tools ensure the accuracy of the calculation of Word Count and act as a guide to track writing progress.

How many free online tools are available to Count words?

Word counter generally calculates the total number of letters, spaces words, and symbols of the context. In a nutshell, to keep the text under the constraint of word limit. The Word Counter tool is mainly used for.

There are 5 keeping tools to track Word Counter:

1. TheSEOToolz.com 

The foremost tool that results in the given below is beneficial features.


• Quick and hassle-free result

• It enables multiple platforms

• Act as a Plagiarism checker

•Act as a grammar checker

2. Grammarly: Grammarly is the most famous and eminent tool mainly heard through an advertisement or word of mouth.


• It not only keeps track of words but also improves writing skills.

• It refines the grammar and vocabulary.

• The "My Grammarly" section enables you to upload a document.

• Edit text facility exhibits the text in Vivid ways and saves time.

3. WordCounter.io: This tool enables you to search a whole range of counter tools on the internet.


• Checks the grammar errors in text.

• It enables proofreading as well as informs the page numbers, characters, and density of words.

• It fine-tunes the content writing and provides good structure.

4. Countswordfree.com: The handy Word counter tool enables the user to easily get the result of words and characters for the text.


• It helps to copy and paste the large text on the website.

• It enables to uploading of text in different formats viz:  Word, PDF, txt, HTML, and many more.

• It supports multiple languages too.

•It also retains tools to clean text-related errors.

5. Word counter.net

The free online tool allows users to obtain Word Counts and other useful tactics about the text.


• Time calculator for speaking and reading

•Keyword analyzer

• Density checker

Tips and Tricks of Word Count for Better Experience:

  • Content strategy should be planned previously

  • Usage of relevant tools for Word Count

  • Practice with  boundary

  • Maintenance of relevance in context

  • Usage of Headings, subheadings, and conclusions.

What is the importance of a Word Count?

The following are the importance of Word Count:

• Quality and sustainability: Higher word count is mostly assumed to be qualitative content and survive in the long run of the world of the content.

• Relevant approach: It reflects the information elegancy and persuasive nature of the content which attracts readers towards the content.

• Encouragement to stay the readers: It exhibits proper engagement of the reader with the given context. More or less it influences those individuals to search for other content on the same website and build trust worth.

• Usage of proper keywords: It ensures the density of words to use appropriately in the keywords which leads to coming under the eye of search engine crawlers.

•Ensures rank holding: It sometimes delegates and ensures the rank holding of the content as per the given use of keywords. It increases the standard of the content resulting in higher demand for the web page in the search engine.

Other benefits:

Fast with accuracy: The Word Count of content may be done within a second due to the algorithm of counting set accordingly in the tools but it ensures proper counting of words to assure the web readers.

Easily used:  The creator only needs to copy the whole content and paste it into the counting tool and easily get the calculation.

Budget-friendly:  Word counting tools are free online so the creator never spends a penny to purchase such an app.

Motivational: It motivates the creator to accept the challenging content and boosts the level of self-confidence.

Why does Word Count is important for us?

The details are given below:

It safeguards the right length: Word Count helps ensure the right length of content and assures the value of intrinsic content.

It checks the character imposition: Content inherits picture, heading, subheadings, keyword, and dialogue (if any) to give a proper detailing context. So, Word counts ensure keeping track of all such characteristics right place.

Relying on non-deviation from the topic: Word Count enhances the effectiveness of the writer by keeping them focused and helping to create valuable content therein.

#Facts to know-

•In the year 2014, the highest rank reserve for content was more than 900 words after a year of reserve increases between 1140 and 1285 words. If such Trends continue longer content would preferred in the later years too.

•Jayson DeMers in Forbes magazine said that search engine crawlers always consider longer content that covers topics comprehensively.

•The content retains more than 1500 words for more sharing on social media recommended by several digital market experts.



Word Count furthermore acts as a Plagiarism checker to check the relevancy and authenticity of quality content and also helps a website secure its rank in the search engine. Hope the given article helps to enhance your information book holding. Stay in touch to get more surprises in the content.




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